LLC Management is a management company founded by Lucretia LaSalle Catlin. LLCM provides managerial services such as booking, management, event planning, artist support, packaging and publication, etc. LLCM makes the creative’s vision come to life through logistics and execution.

Our company has been the organizing force for major concerts, recordings, and tours. We have been fortunate to work with artists such as Earnest Pugh, Otis Battles, Michael Georges, Jr., Patrick Riddick, Vincent Tharpe and Kenosis, and Travis Malloy. Affectionately known as the “bridge.” It is our goal to help creatives bring their visions to life.





Artist Support




Packaging & Publication


Event Planning


Live Recordings


What is Manager in a box?

This service is tailored to fit the needs for any occasion, event or client needing assistance with temporary management.  Sometimes you just need help without the logistics of contracting a permanent team. Well this service is for you. Our company will provide temporary customizable contracts just for your particular needs. You can choose from any of services listed below. Whether you may need us for just one day, a weekend or a particular event, we are here for you!



We provide any of the services listed for local, new, and established artists that may be in need.



Establishing and overseeing merchandise for artist.



Provides background vocals for events, recordings, services, and artist.



Provides booking and management for artist, and companies.



Provides musicians for events, recordings, services, and artist.



Provides branding services for creatives such as flyers, websites, and electronic press kits.


Lucretia Catlin began Prophetic Promotions in 2011 as a way to become a bridge to connect creatives while maintaining integrity on both sides. She began to provide assistance to creatives to bring to life their visions and to help their voices be heard.

As she continued to provide various resources for artists and creatives, the name of the business evolved into LLC Management at the beginning of 2021.



As one who has worked with LLC Management CEO Lucretia Catlin since the beginning of my 20-year journey in the Gospel Music Industry, I can truly say that her staff goes above & beyond the terms of the “written agreement” to ensure that all aspects of their job is done with excellence.

Earnest Pugh

CEO, EP Worldwide & P-Man Music

What Can I Say About Lucretia Catlin? She is a true definition of a go-getter and supporter. From serving, assisting, organizing, and catering, she has more than enough capacity to get the job done. I’ve had the pleasure of LLC Management managing a plethora of my endeavors. Lucretia has served as manager for my band “General & Anti-Gravity” for 5+ years, and myself as Workshop Clinician and/or Musician. She’s one that is dedicated to fighting for the the client and providing them with honest and exceptional quality of service. The services she brings is done with passion from the heart. She is dependable and exudes excellence. She makes you feel like you’re “AT HOME” and safe in her care.  In most cases, Lucretia NEVER MEETS A STRANGER. The “family” treatment is felt, even if it’s only for a once in a lifetime experience.

I could go on because she is my sister first, but I don’t want to be all mushy and what not, lol. However, Lucretia Catlin and her team is a resource that I stand behind. If you are in their care, you are in great hands. Shout out to Lucretia Catlin & the entire LLC Management crew.

Michael Georges, Jr

Gospel Recording Artist

I have had the pleasure of working with Lucretia of LLC management several times throughout my career. She is competent, hands-on, and she is a wealth of knowledge. Lucretia’s management skills & her consistent tenure in the music industry speaks for itself. She is the best!

Christopher L. Ervin

Gospel Recording Artist

I’ve been working with Lucretia Catlin for the past 20 years. I like to call her my “Walmart” for industry and marketing. She’s my one-stop shop! She specializes in everything from booking, marketing to Catering and so much more! Whatever services she doesn’t personally offer, she has someone on speed dial that does! She is professional, efficient, dependable, with excellent work ethic and the highest level of integrity.

Otis Battles

Gospel Recording Artist

I love working with LLC Management. They’re professional, kind, thorough and super diligent in making sure business is handled with integrity while making sure people are treated with respect.

Travis Malloy

Recording Artist/Producer


Lucretia LaSalle Catlin


Corinthian Alandis Thomas

Administrative Assistant

DeVashi Marquis Woods

Creativer Director

Andria Gary

Personal Assistant

Alwon O’Brien Mayweather

Visual Director

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